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How to keep your hair healthy and thriving until
you can see your hairdresser again.

There is no relationship like the one a woman has with her
hairdresser. Trust and warmth, personal pampering, a
confidant. These are the things we’ve come to expect from
a visit to the salon. And healthy, gorgeous, well-groomed
hair of course.

When you can’t see your hairdresser, you may look in the mirror and feel less than
happy. Without your stylist’s support, your hair has become dull, limp, maybe a
little unruly. But the situation is far from hopeless. With a little extra care and the
right routine, you can maintain a healthy head of hair until your next salon
visit...whenever that may be!

Here are a few steps you can take to enjoy
luxurious, healthy hair, even during quarantine!

Self-diagnose your hair.

One of the reasons your stylist gets such great results is the time they take to look
closely at your hair’s condition and listen to your concerns. Take on the
role of the stylist for a moment and really examine your hair. Is it limp and lifeless, rough to
the touch, or dry and frizzy? What are your main concerns? This will help you
determine a way forward. Take a look at our online diagnosis tool for product
recommendations for all hair concerns.

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Change up your routine.

If you’re not able to see your stylist, your hair might act differently than usual. You may need a fresh routine to bring it back to life. Focus on products that maintain strength in the fibers. Split ends are a very real concern that can be reduced with the right products.


Treat yourself, often.

A treatment is a special part of any salon visit. The Fusio Dose protocol, for
example, targets hair concerns directly and offers instant repair. When you don’t
have access to in-salon treatments, it’s especially important to treat your hair at
home. Choose the hair mask that works for your hair type and addresses your
current problem areas. You can use your mask more frequently during this time
away from the salon. It keeps your hair healthy and doubles as an uplifting self-care
ritual during a stressful time.

Trim, but only if you must.

When you haven’t had a haircut in a while, it can be very tempting to pull out your kitchen scissors and give it a go. Remember, hair cutting is a special skill. If you’re not confident in your abilities, you could do more harm than good. It might be better to keep split ends at bay with a nice, luxurious, at-home hair mask. You can always wear a chic chignon or wrapped ponytail until you can make it to the salon again. Whatever you decide, we have the tools and knowledge you need to have great hair, even in quarantine!


If you can’t go out, grow out.

Quarantine is an excellent opportunity to simply let your hair grow out. If you’ve
been thinking of losing your fringe, or growing out your layers, what better time to
get through that in-between stage than a forced hide-out at home for several
weeks? Just don’t assume you’ll end up with healthy hair by doing nothing. Split
ends are a very real threat, and growing out your hair requires special care. We’ve
got plenty of formulas that will keep your fibers strong and healthy until your next
trim. Try the Extentioniste range for the ideal grow-out routine.

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